Purchase of waste plastics

We buy plastic waste from production in the form of scrap, packaging, intakes, cuttings, packaging foils, canisters, crates, spools, etc.

We also buy material in the grinded form or regranulated, possibly residual quantities of original materials.

The variety of molds and materials is great in plastics, so we recommend that you best send a photo or a representative sample, or we will personally visit you, to better assess your purchase options.

We mainly deal with the purchase of sorted plastic waste, the sale of plastic crushes and PVC, LDPE, HDPE, PP foil.


Seznam přijímaných odpadů

Katalog. č. Název odpadu Kategorie                         
02 01 04 Odpadní plasty (kromě obalů) O
04 02 21 Odpady z nezpracovaných textilních vláken O
04 02 22 Odpady ze zpracovaných textilních vláken O
07 02 13 Plastový odpad O
12 01 05 Plastové hobliny a třísky O
15 01 02 Plastové obaly O
15 01 05 Kompozitní obaly O
15 01 06 Směsné obaly O
16 01 19 Plasty O
17 02 03 Plasty O
19 12 04 Plasty a kaučuk O
20 01 39 Plasty O
20 03 07 Objemný odpad O


Recycling of plastics

We will provide you with plastic recycling and environmental protection. You can read more about our unique services from the company’s activities find below:

Purchase of waste plastics

We buy plastic waste from production in the form of scrap, packaging, intakes, cuttings, packaging foils, canisters, crates, spools,

We buy these types of plastic waste


(The spectrum of purchased types of plastic waste is constantly expanding)

Our experience team will buy your waste plastics ranging from the above listed materials. The basic prerequisite for buying is the purity and separation of plastics for individual types, because each type of plastic has its own specific properties.


Company info

We are a professional family company established years back with much experience in the field of plastics processing, technical and waste plastics.

We offer professional approach to companies and our employees enjoy the best from the management. In cooperation with our customers, we place emphasis on personal conduct, reliability and trust.

GH Recycling produce waste plastics mainly from primary production, by buying from companies which produce plastic products.


We are dealing

Recycling of plastic waste, scrap

Purchase of plastic scrap in loose, regrinded, regranulated form

Export of plastic scrap, regrind and regranulates

Sale of plastic scrap, regrind and regranulates

Trading plastic materials, scraps


The principle of recycling plastics

Plastics recycling is the process of refining residual or waste plastics, and incorporating the material into useful products, sometimes in completely different forms from their original state. Plastics recycling is a strategy that saves natural resources by re-using waste, while reducing the environmental burden of pollutants. Typically, plastics are not recycled to the same type of plastic, and products made from recycled plastic are sometimes not recyclable. Recycling is divided into direct and indirect. Direct recycling means reusing the item without further processing. Indirect recycling involves re-use by recycling waste material.

In the plastic recycling process, waste is becoming the input raw material for the production of new products. By using modern technologies and complex technological processes, waste is transformed into many products ranging from plastic pulp to plastic toys.


Plasty vhodné k recyklaci:

  • 15 01 02 – Plastové obaly
  • 15 01 05 – Kompozity
  • 15 01 06 – Směsné obaly
  • Fólie
  • Sáčky
  • plastové tašky
  • obaly
  • stretch fólie

Plasty nevhodné pro recyklaci:

  • mastné obaly
  • obaly se zbytky potravin
  • obaly od nebezpečných látek


Význam recyklace:

Pro ekologii má recyklace plastů veliký význam, protože díky recyklaci je využito velké množství odpadů, které by jinak skončilo na skládce a výrazně by znečišťovalo životní prostředí.